Reptilia Post 2 Host Hosting v0.4

How dose it work?

How do you get hosting for free?

You will need to register for our forums, once you are registered you instantly start receiving Reptlia Virtual Currency (RVC for short) you can purchase any of our hosting plans with this RVC. A list of activities that earn your RCV is listed below.

Once you have made your order via our client portal we will user your RVC to pay for your hosting.

How do you earn points?

SourceAmount Paid
New Post£0.5RVC
New Thread£0.5RVC
New Poll£0.5RVC
Per Character£0.00RVC
Minimum Characters15 Chars
New Registration£1RVC
Per Poll Vote£0.05RVC
Per Reply£0.5RVC
Per PM Sent£0.05RVC
Per Rate£0.05RVC
Per Page View£0RVC
Per Visit£0RVC
Per Referral£5RVC